Strong on the Platform and the Mats!!

Congratulations to our student Charissa who participated in her first raw powerlifting meet this past weekend.


Not only was this her first time stepping on the platform, but she placed 2nd place in the women’s raw open division and of course she had to wear some Underground Jiu-Jitsu swag to represent!


Her total lifts for the meet were:

– Squat: 242.5 lbs (110 kg)

– Bench: 126.75 lbs (57.5 kg)

– Deadlift: 253.0 lbs (117.5 kg)


Charissa had been diligently training for over a year, primarily at home, and it is absolutely satisfying to see improvements on the lifts. Charissa is an active participant in our Women’s Only jiu-jitsu classes, and it’s amazing to watch these ladies step on the mats every Tuesday and Thursday evening to train and support each other.