As many parents know, bullying today has become much more sinister and underhanded with the widespread use of social media. Every month, millions of children and teenagers either miss school or extracurricular activities in order to avoid bullies, which leaves parents scratching their head on what to do. Parents getting directly involved may lead to more backlash and having teachers intervene seem to do nothing. So how does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu make your child bullyproof?

We have had lots of first hand experience in teaching the students in our Kids Program how to defend themselves. In the U.S., 1 out of 5 students report that they have been a victim of bullying. We have had several students of our own that have suffered this but have come out on the other end with knowledge and skills to prevent themselves from being targeted again.

How, you might ask?

The whole basis of Jiu Jitsu is the art of using leverage against a bigger opponent. It’s all based on science and physics. Most martial arts focus on punching and kicking. Jiu Jitsu has no striking and instead, offers grappling and techniques deeply rooted in self-defense through neutralizing an opponent. Our Kids Program teaches de-escalation tactics, building confidence, being assertive, and using words to try and stop an aggressor. If unfortunately, the aggressor strikes first, we also teach defensive techniques so that our students are able to defend themselves from getting hurt. We also provide a safe and fun training environment for our students, where they can make friends and build their tribe.

To give you an idea, our techniques for Kids include:

-Grappling and groundwork
-Controlling an opponent and neutralizing them once on the ground
-Submissions such as joint-locks and chokeholds

And because our methods, beliefs and teaching system that Jiu Jitsu should be used for self-defense in a real life situation, parents don’t have to worry about their own kids becoming bullies through our Bullyproof program.

Our head instructor, Diego Santana, truly believes in this sport as he spoke about during our recent Belt Promotion Ceremony. He has had first hand experience in Jiu Jitsu changing his life and believes that no matter which gym you choose for you or your children, the impact Jiu Jitsu makes will create a whole different lifestyle and mindset for you.